Case Study

Broken Hill Community Health Centre

Case Study

Broken Hill Community Health Centre Case Study Data

LOCATION: Regional NSW, Australia
CONTRACTOR/CLIENT: Hutchinson’s & Stantec

Accessory Connections (GPO’s/MSP/RCD/etc): 625
Light Fittings: 500
Multi Circuit Home Run Cables / Panel Mounts: 45
Switch Connections: 50

STAGE 01: Board ConnectionsSTAGE 02: Corridor Wiring
STAGE 03: Filed WiringSTAGE 04:

Collaborative Approach

Stantec took a collaborative early design approach for the project and proposed the modular wiring solution to achieve desired outcomes. The services team led an integrated approach with the key electrical service providers as stakeholders to develop an active process including:

Why Apex & outcomes

Stantec needed to design and specify a method of electrical wiring for this off-site constructed Broken Hill Community Health Centre in NSW. The Challenges were logistical, and labour based for this project. Key Selection Criteria to reduce the RISK factors of electrical services in design and onsite. The specific objectives were identified as:

Stantec and Hutchinson Builders achieved the desired targets with a collaborative approach achieving a modular wiring installation and providing a full traceable wiring system.