Why Modular Wiring

Why Use

Why modular wiring because, with professional teams in all areas of the construction industry under increasing pressure to complete projects to tighter programme timelines and challenging budgets, coupled with a shift by large corporations and the encouragement of governments into “modern construction methods (MMC);” the current market focus is on faster, safer, more efficient, environmentally friendly products and techniques.

Apex Wiring Solutions have introduced a Flexible Cabling System which replaces the traditional wiring of electrical sub-circuits, with a rapid and easily installed range of advanced prefabricated connector and cable assemblies, reducing installation time by up to 70%.

Supplied in 4 stages Apex will create the solution for you
Design – Assemble – Test – Deliver


A complete pluggable installation is achieved quickly and safely by simply connecting the system components and offers:

Improved project Performance

One week in a prefab facility is the equivalent to three weeks on site. Fewer weather disruptions, reduced defects and rework can also help reduce construction times by 20 – 70%.

Increased site safety

Not only are workers protected from environmental elements, the exposure to working at height or confined spaces such as riser shafts is greatly minimised. According to BuildOffSite, workplace health and safety incidents could be reduced by up to 80% by using off-site manufacturing methods.

Ensured quality

Experienced workforce with multiple quality checks in a controlled environment help to ensure the highest quality. A study conducted by the Chalmers University of Technology that construction waste from defects and checks account for more than 10% of a project’s production cost.

Eliminate Waste

Modular wiring is sustainable, energy efficient and ELIMINATES on-site waste. With 50% of the world’s landfill waste coming from construction and 30% of materials delivered to site ending up in waste, every effort should be made to reduce our industry’s impact on the environment.

Minimise Site Disruption

By using modular wiring fabricated off-site, it reduces the number of trades and workers required on site, therefore reducing vehicular traffic, noise, pollution and waste.

Reduced Costs & Faster to Income Generation

Fast construction times allows clients to occupy site and generate income sooner, reducing site overheads as less time is spent on site. Cost efficiencies can also be gained through reduced labour and over-time requirements.


The Apex system consists of a variety of connectors, the library of connectors allows the designer to create the design much faster with total control over the project. The plug and play system also allowing for changes throughout the system’s life cycle.

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Apex Modular Wiring can reduce installation times by up to 70%