A modular wiring system that is more efficient and reduces time on site, while reducing risks and waste. For this reason Apex wiring solutions saves labour and costs on your project. 

apex modular wiring connection plug and play

A Modular Wiring System

Modular wiring is a system that simply is ‘plug and play’. It replaces the traditional wiring of electrical circuits. Therefore with a large range of accessories that are easy to assemble, this means the system can reduce installation time by up to 70%.

Why Apex

Project Performance

One week in a prefab facility is the equivalent to three weeks on site

Reduce Costs

Faster construction times generate income sooner

Safety & Security

Using offsite manufacturing methods incidents can be reduced by 80%

Quality Control

Multiple quality checks in a controlled environment help to ensure the highest quality

Apex Modular Wiring Solutions

Apex has established itself as the preferred option for commercial and healthcare projects, due to its easy to use plug and play system. The result is Apex delivers a system that is proven to reduce on-site labour by up to 70%.

From our pre-wired boards to power outlet connection we really do have a solution for any project. Using our proven technology Apex helps to reduce the risks associated with traditional electrical installation.

No matter the scale of your project Apex will create the solution for you.

Delivering Modular Wiring Solutions

Established in Australia in 2012 and in the UK in 1980.  Apex has been at the forefront of the wiring industry.
Delivering solutions to the following sectors.

Healthcare & Hospital

Infrastructure Projects

Hotel & Student Accommodation

Commercial Projects

Government & Defence

Schools & Universities

Our Clients

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Apex can reduce installation times by up to 70%